Three bears witness to the stages of human life from birth to the enlightening freedom of youth and the inevitability of death. The choreography developed thru collaboration with Theo ‘TJ’ Lowe and Humanhood uses dance styles to explore the physical, mental and spiritual make up of a human life.

'Startling opening, it's a showcase for an astonishing talent in the form of Viman'

'Spasmodic movement and perfect stillness inside a man's body'

'I found Viman a compelling dancer'

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Choreographer: TJ Lowe & Subhash Viman Gorania

Choreographic Vocabulary: Saju Hari

Mentor: Humanhood

Lighting: Andy Hamer

Lighting Technician: Sam Burns

Costume: Giulia Scrimieri


Supported by DanceXchange, Akademi & Arts Council England

©2016 Morph Dance Company



+44 7455 050 492

Company No.: 0694275