Subhash VIman Gorania


Subhash is a cutting-edge, British choreographer and dancer. Shifting deftly between Indian classical, hip-hop and contemporary dance, Subhash combines seamless movement with a dose of provocative humor, giving his work an unorthodox and quirky edge. His immersion in a rich plethora of dance training feeds a wide range of movement vocabulary into to his choreographic work, with characteristic physicality, floor work, swift spins, humorous gesture and expression.


He trained in classical Indian dance under acclaimed teachers in the UK and India learning Bharathanatyam from Chitraleka Bolar and Chaaya Kanavate and Kathak from Nilima Devi MBE and Asha Joglaker.


His choreographic credits include the stage adaptation of Kiran Nagarkar’s novel 'God’s Little Soldier' produced by Theatre Freiburg, 'Murmur' for Aakash Odedra Company, Serendipity 2016 in Goa and 'BBC Young Dancer of the Year 2017'.


His performance credits include the Bessie award winning choreography 'Ecstasy' for the German tour of 'Get on the Good Foot' produced by Apollo Theater in New York and 'The Troth' choreographed by award winning British choreographer Gary Clarke.


His own work include, ‘Gamechanger', which features three distinct solos. 'Metamorphic' with co-choreographer Veena Basavarajaih and composer Niraj Chag & Raghu Dixit, 'Fly From' with choreographer Saju Hari and 'Three' with choreographer TJ Lowe. His recent venture ‘Classical Encounters’ offers three female choreographic footprints from Birmingham, Bangalore and New York, who reveal different aspects of Bharatanatyam. With artistic direction from Gary Clarke, lighting design by Hector Murray and music by Shammi Pithia.

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